Saint John of Kanti Catholic Cemetery

Policies and Regulations


The Cemetery Association, subject to the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, shall have the full charge, control, custody, management and supervision of the cemetery grounds. The Association shall have power to make, subject to the approval of the Diocese of Richmond and the Parish Council of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament parish, such rules and regulations for the care, management, presentations and improvement of such cemetery and cemetery grounds, places of burial and property as they may deem necessary and proper, and to enforce the same.

Number of Members: Six

Terms: Three years (with no limit on the number of terms one can serve)

Selection of members: Members will be active participating parishioners of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church. The members of the present cemetery association will make recommendations of persons they believe are interested in the upkeep of the cemetery and will present these names to the pastor/administrator.

Meetings: Two meetings per year - The first Monday of May and November.

Finances: Plots can be purchased by registered, active members of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish. All sales are subject to the approval of the cemetery association.

It remains the right and Christian duty of the cemetery association to make special arrangements and adjust prices to accommodate the poor and destitute to ensure the dignity and care of all human remains.

25% of the purchase price of all grave sites will be placed in a perpetual care fund ("The Edmund Tokar Fund"). The remainder will be placed in the cemetery checking account to be used for improvement of the cemetery. When the checking account reaches a $5,000.00 balance, a short-term certificate of deposit will be purchased to be used when needed for purchase of additional land and/or special projects to improve the cemetery grounds.

Donations of $25.00 per year are requested from families and plot owners. This money will be deposited in the cemetery checking account and will be used for routine maintenance of the cemetery.

Donations specifically given (in excess of $100.00) for perpetual care, will be placed in the perpetual care fund and the interest only used for care of the cemetery as it is needed.


The following regulations are for the purpose of protecting the best interests of past, present and future plot owners and for the purpose of making the cemetery more beautiful. All plots fall under the following regulations and all plots are sold subject to these regulations. Every effort has been made to carry out the intents and wishes of all who have contributed to our cemeteries. Careful attention has been given to the minutes of all available Cemetery Committee meetings in forming these guidelines.

The Cemetery Association, with approval of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Council, hereby expressly reserves the right to adopt additional regulations or to amend, alter, or repeal any of these regulations at any time and without notice to lot owners.

1. A deed will be issued with the condition that $160.00 will be paid for corner markers to be installed by the cemetery association within 60 days of purchase. Corner markers will be at ground level. Bushes, flowers or trees are not allowed as corner markers.

2. Each lot owner is responsible for paying a maintenance. The current fee is $25.00 per household per year.

3. Dead flowers, arrangements, bushes, etc., will periodically be cleared from the cemetery.

4. Planting of trees or bushes is prohibited.

5. All sales are subject to approval of the Cemetery Association.