Saint John of Kanti Catholic Cemetery

St. John of Kanti

St. John of Kanti

Polish Town Road


Dedicated October 24, 1920


Most Rev. Denis J, O'Connell

Struvk by lightning and burned July 1935

Concrete Steps are all that remais of the church.

Rev. Ceslaus J. Jakubowski, Pastor 

"Father Jack"  

The church of Swiery Jan Kanty (St. John of Kanti) served tweleve Polish families who had settled on the area beginning in 1915. They were attracted to New Kent County after seeing advertiaements placed in Polish language newspapers. The land or the chunrch and cemetery was donated to the Diocese of Richomond by the Tidewater Lime & Fertilizer Company on July 18, 1918. As the church was nearing completion, the surrounding community became known as Cracow. At that time, Polish Town Road was maned Krakow Read. By 1940, it became Polish Road: and eventlly, it became kmow as Polish Town Road.